Yummy Man

Yummy Man

Yummy Man is not actually a toon. He is a fictional character portrayed by a Suit Actor since an actually toon was prohibitvely expensive. He is the star of the Adventures of Yummy Man, a comic book and TV series created as a tie-in for a popular candy bar founded by Arnold Begley. The original creator of the character managed to maintain creative rights and produced bizarre stories for his hero, often pitting him against animated health foods and assisted by his young female ward, Cadet Candy. The TV series of which he is the star is filmed at Relentless Studios in Orlando, Florida.

While Yummy Man's primary adversary is Zucchini Man, he also is frequently pitted against adversaries including King Quinoa, Lady Lettuce, Fruit Basket Man, and the anomolous Wizard Man.

Yummy Man's alter-ego is Jim Yummington, trillionaire playboy. In fact, Jim Yummington is a contrivance; Jim Jimmington assumed the guise of Yummy Man after falling into a vat of radioactive Yummy Bars, after which, he had to leave his former life behind.

Yummy Man was idolized by Hoppity and Bee until they learned that he was not a toon, but a lady in a suit.