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What can you do with a Wikicide?[]

Wikicide is the official Wikia for Smilocide Studios and the things that come therefrom. Smilocide is a complex milieu with only a rough overarching narrative, conveyed through a number of comics and cartoons. It's the brainchild of Ianissimo. Peruse these articles at your leisure, but beware: a plot spoiler lurks on nearly every page.

The Smilocide Universe[]

The Smilocide universe contains an alternate version of history in which cartoon characters are the product of degenerated divine genetic material which has reassembled itself into silly talking animals. These toon characters cohabitate on earth with humans, but also interact with other races of beings descended from the divine material on the planet Supirion and its moons in orbit of Sirius B. The Smilans inhabiting Supirion are in a state of near constant conflict with the Egs, a race inhabiting Supirion's moon of Evlion. Both parties are often manipulated by the Flints of the moon, Prixion, and the bugers and blugers. Anyway, everyone dies in the end.

Please, take a pamphlet[]

Smilocide has been tainting the internet for a full decade now! Be sure to avoid these websites to avoid polluting your web history:

Smilocide ruining facebook

Smilocide ruining webcomics

Smilocide ruining Youtube


A handful of Smilocide characters cavort.

Latest activity[]

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The peculiar antics of Hoppity and Bee drive much of the action in the Smilocide universe.


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