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Toxic Tampa Bay. Breath taking, isn't it?

Toxic Tampa Bay is the name retroactively applied to Tampa Bay, Florida after two tankers crashed, spilling degenerate stuff into the Bay, poisoning the environment. The stuff remained highly unstable but eventually coalesced into a strange realm that was the subject of a power struggle that ultimately led to its destruction, as depicted in the Chanterelle and May Life.


In early 1980, the first tanker crashed into the Suntime Skyway, spilling stuff intended to generate cow toons to be let out to various burger chains and meat-packing companies. The longer-term effects of this crash were not immediately apparent, but the stuff did at this time begin to saturate the environment.

A mere three months later, a second, larger tanker crashed into the Skyway, spilling and enormous quantity of stuff and creating an ecological disaster, contaminating the entire bay. This tanker primarily carried pink bunny stuff which. This stuff had been discovered off the coast of Korea, perhaps deposited by a meteorite, and enriched for toon generation.

After the spills in the bay, the stuff slowly began to seep into the soil and water table, effectively contaminating every part of the area. Many cases of poisoning, often fatal, were cited at this time. A few mutations among both toons and humans were reported as well. Incidental toon generation began to occur as creatures crawled out from unde the mountains, many of them cows and pink bunnies


Chanterelle and May reside in the south of the bay near Laymond Laymes Stadium, which they destroy on at least two occasions. Clownfish also possesses a residence in the area. Less urbanized, this region is populated by sentient grass and mountains, among which are Chanterelle and May's mothers.

along the north shore of the Bay is The Queen of Tampa Bay's Castle, and Ma Pancreas's tavern,

To the northwest of this is a mountainous region which sees its eastern terminus at the active volcano, Mount Pelvis. At the foot of Mt. Pelvis is the meeting of the Tarn of Auber and the Haunted Woodland of Weir. a path runs through this junction from which a traveler could arrive at Barclay Hamstring's Castle to the east, Dr. Bondongle's house and laboratory to the west, and to the north, the small municipality of Safety Harbor.


After the Queen of Tampa Bay has large quantities of solvent imported, she is able to steamroll much of the bay and reforge it to her liking in a move to consolidate her power. Shortly after this time, the queen herself is killed, but the bay has already begun to shrink and diminish. By the time of the destruction of the singularity in earth's orbit, there is little left of the Bay.