Ahneevol-Uff-Dehlollen-Uff-de-Lloraillu-Cuff, known simply as the Uff, is a splot of blugers on Supirion who, in the 15th century, were buried under a rockslide. The splot survived on lichen and rain water, growing for 106 years in total darkness, during which time they mastered the art of astral projection. After long, cold, terrifying years in the black, empty vastness of space, they finally find other life forms on the planet earth (the Shepherds psychically cloaked their existence). After this time, the Uff summoned smilans to dig them out and began transmitting information about earth, its ecology, cultures, and technology to a group of trained smilan scribes called Lufflins who transmit the Uff's teachings to the rest of smilea.

Astral contactEdit

The Uff is eventually in contact via the dreamtime with the Ether council on earth. They are also responsible for directing Rudolph Ryman to start the Ryman Research Group to oppose the activities of SUR. They occasionally even offer direction to other entities in need of assistance including Jeff Smork and Professor Emile McCay.

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