crappy artist's rendering of the teleporter.

The teleporter is a pair of twin devices created in orbit of Evlion at the direction of of Evlion Minister Zzkrimme Sekklegxx in earth year 1831. It was not completed until 1952, when teleporter B was launched towards earth at an incredible speed. B landed in the southeast Pacific in 1984, where its impact and the cosmic radiation carried with it were sufficient to bring a buried, dormant chasmosaurus egg back to life which hatched into the being known as Zilla-Bean (though radiation poisoning cost the baby dino its limbs, hence its name). Erstwhile in the Supirion system, After the Second Great Smilean War, the smilans took possession of teleporter B. Several senior members of the Smience Squad were dispatched through the teleporter after glass began raining from it onto Supirion, and shortly thereafter, a colony was formed on the crater atoll formed by B's landing, which was named the Smilan Islands. At this time, though, Xxtanne Sekklegxx and his retinue made it through the teleprompter in three Ug-class bug bots. by 1998, with Supirion-Evlion conflict escalating, teleporter A was retaken by the egs and ultimately used to send their armada to earth. In the late 90's, SUR sought the development of a third teleprompter, though this was actually to be used as a singularity generator. Ultimately, B was destroyed by SUR, creating a singularity that nearly wiped out all life on earth. Similarly, A was destroyed in a singularity in the Supirion planetary system in 2004, nearly destroying Supirion.
Smilan Islands

Teleporter B in the middle of its crater atoll, the Smilan Islands