Queen of Tampa Bay

The Queen of Tampa Bay

The Queen of Tampa was formerly human before the toxic spill in Tampa Bay. Little is known of her husband except that after the spill, he became what is known as the Cosmic Eye. Before the spill, the two of them had a daughter who would become known as Barclay Hamstring after the spill. She ruled the Bay for more than 15 years before being destroyed by Chanterelle and May.


Though little is known of the Queen's life before the spill, it is believed that she had attained some status in local politics. As the bay became saturated with toxic stuff and the queen and her family began to transform, the Cosmic Eye was driven away by the queen's power-hunger. The queen saw an opportunity and quickly consolidated power after the vicissitudes of the bay's transformation. She alienated her daughter, Barclay Hamstring who began to rebel and finally tried to kill her. The queen banished Barclay from the kingdom. A period of relative stability in the queen's rule followed until Barclay again made a move to usurp her mother, placing a curse on the bay. The queen commissioned Chanterelle and May to stop Barclay, but, while they succeeded in neutralizing the immediate threat to the crown, this set in motion a series of events which would galvanize the entire bay and unite many of her subjects against her. Though Chanterelle and May were too strong to destroy outright, the queen sought to re-establish control by drawing her most powerful rivals out of the bay chasing a red herring while she reformed the entire bay. During this time, she was also able to obtain more concentrated quantities of the stuff, as well as large quantities of solvent which would finally enable her to liquidate any opposition. Ultimately, though she killed a large chunk of the bay's population, the united power of the rest of her subjects led by Chanterelle, May, and Hamstring proved to much and she was destroyed in battle with them.