The Isle

North Westfaxtortonshire Isle

North Westfaxtortonshire Isle (South Westfaxtortonshire Isle is uninhabited) is the name of a small isolated island, roughly 1.4km from end to end, located in the far northwest of the St. Kilda archipelago. A host of seabirds share the island with a toon population established there by Jack Sullivan, brother of Henry Sullivan, as a refuge for Henry and Marcel McKenzie and their families. Jack and his wife, Naderina, became involved in the Ether Society and the island became a key location for the society. It is probably not a coincidence that a deep, ancient grotto in the small western woods of the islands is home to the Crone, and it was she who protected the Isle for many years until Bruce was allowed in.

Known ResidentsEdit

Charles Aleister

Gayle Aleister

Naderina Aleister

Marion Bertucci

Colleen Blacach

Hagen Blacach

The Crone

Francie Guinne

Donla Ìomharach

Jack Sullivan