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The planet Supirion and its moon, Tropion.

Supirion is one of at least two inhabited planets in orbit of the dwarf star Sirius B. Supirion has three large, inhabited moons, Evlion, Tropion, and Prixion, as well as several other smaller bodies in orbit of it. Supirion is home to the smilans whose civilization dates back several thousand years, as well as the beenohs, mushmins, bonbons, bugers, blugers, and stiks, among other smilean races.

Supirion Atlas[]

Smivlet is the largest landmass on Supirion and is broken by three large seas: The Ismolesian in the northwest, the Ismomesian in the northeast, and the Mowthean in the south.

The region in the northwest of Smivlet is Mesmeh, northeast of that is Mumpmub, and east of that is the mountainous regions of Vivrik, including Vriklek, center of Beenoh culture, and Drivitlat. Alond the eastern coast of Smivlet is Lem and on the southern coast is Glumb. Central Smivlet is dominated by the plains of Glampmess, in the northeastern portion of which can be found Smuirlat, capital of the Kingdom of Smixion and the Supirion Federation. West of Glampness is the Gribplat Desert, terminating in the Smohix Mountains. Nestled in the lowlands of Smohix is the Sansmoslim Kingdom. The south of Smivlet is designated the Great Smiealand.

Cube Clomstumbp

The subterranean smilan city of Clomstumpb

West of Smivlet is the Smass Ocean. To the north is the Flaff Ocean and to the south is the Gurnglombtid Ocean. To the east of Smivlet is the Fallafesh Ocean which forms the western terminus of the landmasses of Almaland, Unglunk, and Ungmatse.

Supirion Map fragment

Fragment of a map of Supirion dated to at least the 18th century.