Stan2 copy

STAN in his last known form.

STAN, or Stan Smith, or Xxtanne Sekklegxx, is an evil entity, perhaps the antichrist, who ultimately destroys nearly all life in Smiloverse A. He is defeated in Smiloverse B. The son of a prominent eg ruler, he rose to power as an eg chancellor on Evlion in the 1800s. It was his biological father's initiative to develop the teleporter, which was not completed until the mid-20th century. When, after roughly 30 years in transit, teleporter B crashed on earth, Stan was among the first egs to travel to earth with it where he assumed the guise of an American politician, became a board member of SUR, and ultimately earning the presidency. Using the power of his office and important connections around the world, he was able to instigate a war and utilize his executive power to silence opposition and ultimately overthrow human civilization while his work back in smilea progressed through to the point of destroying teleporter A and destroying most of the Supirion planetary sytem. After his conquest of Smiloverse A, he began attempting to replicate his success in Smiloverse B but there was quickly despatched.

Xxtanne Sekklegxx

Xxtanne Sekklegxx, the earliest known form of STAN

Stan Smith

Stan Smith