Smixion Heraldry

The Smixion crest

The Kingdom of Smixion was the largest and longest active kingdom on the planet Supirion with its capital at Smuirlat. It was named for the ancient smilan throne, surviving from the time of the 17 families, possession of which was believed to lend legitimacy to Smixion power, even though the thrown was stolen, and eventually put into cold storage anyway. During a time of foment among the few remaining independent nations on Supirion, the Supirion Federation was formed with a few small principalities who were mostly coerced into membership. Under this banner, Smixion was able to browbeat the weaker nations into acquiescence and annex the more recalcitrant ones. This remained the status quo until the Third Great Smilean War (1997-2005). Its ancient history is recorded in the national epic, the Smilologia.

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