Smilan Islands

The Smilan Islands

The Smilan Islands are an atoll in the eastern Pacific Ocean. They are actually the rim of a crater jutting above the surface of the water. The crater was created by the impact of Teleporter B landing on the earth; this impact also reanimated the chasmosaurus egg containing Zilla-Bean, who hatched shortly thereafter. The first smilan to travel through the teleporter to the islands was Mixt Sminmat of the Smience Squad followed by Asmirlan and Smal Smiles, though Amsirlan would be eaten by a seagull almost immediately. The islands were quickly colonized by smilan scientists, explorers and adventurers. Control of the islands would often be a source of conflict between the smilans and the egs. The egs would send numerous monsters and military excursions to take the islands before ultimately deciding to bypass them altogether on the road to conquering earth.,
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