Dumb-looking smilans

Smilans are perhaps the most populous and dominant of all smilean races. They are usually characterized by yellow skin, are usually bald, and usually feature one single trunk which includes their head. They are bipedal and their hands and feet are at the ends of dark-colored spindly appendages. They are the primary inhabitants of the planet Supirion. Most of smilan Supirion is ruled by the Smixion Kingdom from its capital at Smuirlat. The primary smilan language is Smoil. The smilan race is ultimately driven near to extinction after the destruction of teleporter A and much of Supirion with it.

Smilans can be found in numerous different breeds. Some of them are typified by recessive traits and so manifest rarely, including smelly faces, paradox smileys, the elusive winged smileys, multiple smiley disorder, and several others. Smilan are close genetic relatives of many other sapient and semi-sapient species found on Supirion and its moons which can be found in the Smeastiary.

Smelly One

A smelly face


Multi, perhaps the most expendable eggette.

Smilans possess one of five reproductive types, akin to genders: The Allav, Smump, Alskrin, Summle, and Bramp. Not all smilan genders are reproductively compatible with one another, but each is compatible with at least one other and thus are all of the same species.

Summle are the most undifferentiated type, are nearly always bald, and are most notable for being incredibly physically resilient. A summle litter is likely to contain as many as 12 offspring as well, making them one of the most prodigious types. Summle can also reproduce with any smilan type, and also with the stik and mushmin. Unfortunately, they are also the dumbest.

Alskrin are the cleverest type and often grow hair. They are only reproductively compatible with summle.

Allav are, by smilan standards, the most beautiful. They are reproductively compatible with summle, smump, bramp, and other allav, as well as stik.

Smump are the most multifarious. Often embodying traits otherwise found in only one type or another, they can be, for instance, as hardy as a summle and as strong as a bramp. They are reprodcutvely compatible with summle, allav, bramp, and other smump, as well as stik and mushmin.

Bramp are the largest by far and the strongest. Bramp can reproduce with summle, allav, and smump, as well as stik, but not with other bramp.

Smilans civilization dates back thousands of years, as recorded in the dubiously historical smilan annal, the Smilologia.

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