Short One

Short One.

Short One is one of the sextet of egs known as the Eggettes. The eggettes became separated from their detachment of bug bots on earth and crashed in Toxic Tampa Bay where they came to believe that Chanterelle and May were Hoppity and Bee, and that a bunch of bananas were Stan Smith. The eggettes ineptly attempted to destroy Chanterelle and May repeatedly, often using vehicles and weapons devised by Short One from the wreckage of their bug bot.

After one of Bossette's horns is broken off, Short One assumes leadership of the eggettes and meets with initial success in their offensive. After the reconciliation of the other eggettes to Bossette, Short One briefly goes rogue, though the eggettes all join together one last time to attempt to destroy Chanterelle and May before the latter execute each of the eggettes.