Scrum (Obake)

Agent Scrum

Scrum. Secret Agent Scrum, codename Obake, is a toon generated in the early eighties to star in an animated series based on a popular arcade game. The series tanked and Scrum was let go. He was generated from impure stuff and so is believed to be afflicted with antisocial personality disorder. He is highly intelligent and highliy skilled, however. He was led to Okinawa where he studied karate under Sensei Matsumura for a number of years before returning to the states where he worked as a bouncer, a bodygaurd, and a racecar driver before being recruited by the Ryman Research Group. Under government contract and working for Ryman, Scrum was directed to obtain certain artifacts and to stymy the efforts of dangerous forces which sought to misuse the artifacts' powers. After the destruction of the earth, Scrum was sent on a mission to Mars. Scrum employs many weapons and gadgets in his missions, but usually carries a Walther PPK with silencer and a pair of sais.

Association with Spencer SusmanEdit

Scrum relied on the assistance of his closest associate, Spencer Susman, a human, in his efforts for most of his career. Spence was a mechanic who encouraged Scrum to become a professional racer and headed Scrum's crew. When Scrum joined RRG, he brought Spence on board to assist him there as well. Spence was eventually drowned in marshmallow cream during a skirmish with bug bots.


Scrum has many adversaries, perhaps none so formidable as the elusive Ouagadir Qousar, head of defense for SUR, an overseas research and defense corporation associated with Stan Smith and which also holds numerous contracts with the government, but whose true aims are unclear and decidedly nefarious.

Scrum is also often in conflict with Motobu, a large purple ape and another former student of Sensei Matsumura who latterly became an agent for SUR. Theirs is more of a martial rivalry between the two and they are often nearly evenly matched. Motobu is consumed with vengeance but not an evil person, and he eventually aids Scrum in protecting the world from SUR's singularity generator.

Also harrying Scrum in his missions are X, Y, and Z, three other SUR agents who always seem to be where Scrum wants to be, but who are generally easily foiled.