For many years, Professor Emile McCay, resident at Scott University was the world's foremost authority on toon social history and, with the help of his colleague, biophysicist Dr. Bernard Strozcsy, he was responsible for numerous huge strides in the understanding of the stuff and its place in the universe. He was also a senior member of the Ether Society. He became a contact of Agent Scrum's who sought information from him on many of his missions. A friendship developed between the two. Meanwhile, McCay's mind continuted to expand and his investigations into the stuff led him into areas of metaphysical inquiry until finally, he was contacted by the Uff. The Shepherds contacted him next to warn him that his inquiries were becoming too probing, but he didn't heed them. He mastered astral projection via the guidance of the Uff. Finally, Scrum was given the directive to liquidate McCay, but McCay was by this time the wisest entity in the universe, and he escaped into the dreamtime, from which he could project his astral body into Smiloverse A or B. It was eventually revealed that his astral body had been responsible for the M prophecies.