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Anla Mop-Top Amiley

Anla "Mop-Top" Amiley

Anla "Mop-Top" Amiley is a stik residing in Smuirlat, the capital of Supirion. She is the  pilot of the small plane, the Nimsit, and is best friends with the anarcho-bomber, Me-Me Simlee, with whom she resides in a bungalow elevated nearly 80 awmps off the ground. She is also close friends with Causeway, the fastest smilan in the world, Jeff Smork, captain of Mecha-Smiles, and Lily Lunsmick.


Mop-Top was the first born of Harmo and Agla Amiley, and has a younger sister, Lanna, later a member of the Smience Squad. From a young age, she took an interest in aviation and eventually attended flight school. It was just after graduation that she met Me-Me who first tried to get her to go on a date with him, and then tried get her involved with a terrorist organization. After one of Me-Me's associates was killed by police, they both ceased their illegal activity for a time, and Mop-Top accompanied Me-Me to return his fallen friend's belongings to his family out in Sansmoslim at the foot of the Smohix mountains. There they found themselves embroiled in a conflict between the local independant monarchy and the Supirion Federation that culminated in the freeing of the sorceress, Akschla, from her underground prison and the decimation of a platoon of the Smixion army.

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Mop-Top and Me-Me aboard the Nimsit

Some years later, the two befriended Causeway when he was battling the Winged Wuffians. Causeway by this time was adversarial to Mecha-Smiles, and it was via this rivalry that Mop-Top and Me-Me befriended Jeff Smork, whom they often aided in his battles against Baron Bloggkkx and various robots and kaiju. After the fall of Supirion, the destruction of Mecha-Smiles, and disappearance of Smork, Mop-Top and Me-Me escaped to earth through the teleporter where they found their way to Cape Kennedy, from whence they stowed away on a rocket with Hoppity, Bee, Zilla-Bean, and the Winga-Bros and company into outer space in the Porta Petty.