Me-Me Simlee

Me-Me Simlee

Me-Me Simlee is what is colloquially known as a bubblegum smiley. He resides in a bungalow elevated nearly 80 awmps above the ground with his best friend, Mop-Top Amiley. Me-Me is a pyromaniac and explosives expert. He initially utilized his knowledge of explosives to aid a group of militant anti-Smixion activists. After this, he and Mop-Top utilized their bi-plane, The Nimsit, to mete out vigilante justice before briefly taking jobs at a delivery service where they befriended fellow vigilante, Causeway. It was their friendship with Jeff Smork that gave Me-Me the greatest leverage in utilizing his pyrotechnic skills by allowing him to aid Mecha-Smiles in his battles with monster and robots. After the Great Smilocide, he and Mop-Top flee to earth where they join Hoppity, Bee, Zilla-Bean, the Wingabros, et al, in stowing away on a shuttle to outer space.

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Mop-Top and Me-Me aboard the Nimsit

Friendship with "Mop-Top" Anla AmileyEdit

Me-Me initial intentions for Mop-Top were decidedly romantic; these sentiments weren't entirely quelled until after their first adventure, battling the sorceress, Akschla, in the Smohix Mountains. Since this time, Me-Me has been contented to be Mop-Top's closest friend, and he feels doggishly protective of her, going to far as to blow up and kill Totlub Olomps after the latter assaulted Mop-Top.

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