the adorably heinous Joanne Rat

Joanne the Rat was a member of Chanterelle and May's coterie, accompanying them on many of their adventures, while observing them and directing activity in Toxic Tampa Bay according to the designs of SUR. She posed as the Sneak-It to manipulate Barclay Hamstring and Dr. Bondongle into resurrecting an army of the dead with which she could summon the demon, Czernobina. She then, again as the Sneak-It, joined the League of Evil with Hamstring, Dinette Set, and Polly Gone de Stijl to manipulate as much of the Stuff as she could while funneling solvent to the Queen of Tampa Bay before fomenting revolution against her after she became an obstacle. After SUR moved to close investigations in the bay, she moved to liquidate Chanterelle and May by driving them out of the Bay, after which, she would meet with agents of SUR to deliver her finaly report, but she was found out by the girls and suffered what what surely must have been one of the most horrible, grueling, excruciating deaths ever.