Jeff Smork

Jeff Smork.

Jeff Smork (b.1946) is the son of of Merm Smork and Mama Smork and the second and most famous pilot of Mecha-Smiles. He is close friends with Mop-Top Amiley and Me-Me Simlee. He was romantically involved with Lily Lunsmick for many years and, after her death, became the foster-father of her daught, Laly. He was the long-time rival of Causeway. His former mentor, the Baron Bloggkkx would became his greatest nemesis who also trained and equipped his other nemesis, Fejj with the mecha, Nega-Smiles. Bloggkkx also created Smork's reluctant nemesis, Monbugara. After piloting Mecha-Smiles in the Second Great Smilean War, Smork was chosen to head the project, which was housed at the Smixion Defense base in Smuirlat, where his immediate superios was General Hadswitch. Smork died by self-poisoning after being jetisoned in space with Bloggkkx.