Flatnote was the creation of a flint weapons project. Sent to Supirion to destroy Smuirlat and draw the attention of the Smixion government away from flint movements, he grew as distempered with his creators as with his target. Nonetheless, Mecha-Smiles was sent to meet him in combat. A battle ensued and Flatnote was defeated. Flatnote was transported to space where the egs launched him through the teleporter to earth where he came into conflict with Zilla-Bean and was ultimately killed.

Point of interest: it was during the battle between Flatnote and Mecha-Smiles that a certain pizza joint hosting the local orphanage was destroyed which ultimtely led to a certain Diblot enlisting in the Evlion Air Corps and finding her way to Tampa Bay.


Flatnote's first appearance was in Chapter 3 of The Adventures of Mecha-Smiles, "Same Old Song," in which he was sent by the flints and equipped with crystal armor to attack Smuirlat and draw Smixion forces away from Mumpmub, where the flints launched a brief strategic assault. He was beaten by Mecha-Smiles with direction from The Uff.

In Chapter 4 of Mecha-Smiles, he is seen in the first two pages, held in stasis, about to be launched into space for transport through the teleporter. He briefly breaks free but is subdued by Mecha-Smiles as the rocket launches.

He also appears in a few panels of The Chanterelle and May Life in Chapter 7: Spooky Halloween Saga, in which he is seen in Diblot's flashback battling Mecha-Smiles.


Flatnote decked out in his flint armor