La Danse sm

Smill and Smerl crash the governor's banquet.

The First Great Smilean War (1893-1904EY) was the first conflict to affect nearly all life in the Supirion system. It began with the displacement of the Alngles from Prixion and subsequent conflicts between them and the nations of Evlion and then Supirion. On Supirion, tensions had been growing between the smilans and an eg colony in south Mesmeh.

War on SupirionEdit

trouble arose as displaced Alngles tried to secure a colony on Supirion. Simultaneously, Flint forces began annexing territories on Evlion causing unrest among the egs. Zxikklakt, the eg prime minister of the time, who, crooked enough in himself, was yet little more than a puppet for Xxtanne Sekklegxx who continued to consolidate political power on Evlion. Zxikklakt dispatched a diplomatic envoy to Smuirlat while an expeditionary force discreetly established a base in Mehsmeh. The eg's timetable for attack was advanced upon the realization that Supirion itself was planning a bombing raid that would cripple Evlion power. Two starmers dwelling in the remote regions of Drivitlat, Smill and Smerl Schmipp, were witness to the arrival of the Eg force in Drivitlat and, at the behest of Smixion Intelligence agent Laza Awsa, attempted to warn Supirion officials. They were rebuffed by the monstrous beaurocracy, so they crashed a Ball hosted by the governor of the region and led pursuing officials to the site. Now that the egs' hideout was known, they directed all their forces to the site and open conflict broke out. Smilan forces were divided as their are power was directed against the Alngles. The Flints sought to take advantage of their enemies' conflict, taking large regions of Evlion, Tropion, and eventually attacking Supirion as well, all while supplying the Alngles with aid. the Egs and the Smilans were largely at a stalemate when Flint forces made their full power known. The weapons the Smilans had intended to

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