Fejj (Sneck Sainmile)

Fejj, the angrier, grown up Sneck Sainmile

Fejj is the name assumed by Sneck Sainmile. Sneck had been just a lad during the Second Great Smilean War and worked at a apprentice mechanic on Mecha-Smiles. He idolized Baron Bloggkkx and Jeff Smork after him. A clerical error resulted in Sneck being tossed out on his bum. His life took several turns for the worst for which he came to blame Smork. Sneck sought out the Baron and aided him in his assault on Smuirlat in exchange for vengeance against Smork and his own Mecha, the Nega-Smiles. After his first battle with Mecha-Smiles, Nega-Smiles blew up with Sneck inside it. the manifold of the ship protected him enough to save his life, but he was badly burned and would have died had not Bloggkkx augmented him with cybernetic body parts similar to the Baron's. After his convalescence, Fejj would pilot a new Nega-Smiles into battle with Mecha-Smiles on several subsequent occasions. He killed Lily during the shutdown of the Mecha-Smiles project, but Smork stole Mecha-Smiles from base and destroyed Nega-Smiles and Fejj for good.