Evlion may be the ugliest planetoid in the universe.

Evlion is the third smallest and closest moon of Supirion. It is home to the egs, a race of beings believed to have developed from the degerated genetic material of demons. The egs are historically in nearly constant conflict with the smilans of Supirion. Evlion is an extremely active moon with volcanic activity nearly covering the surface. Mantle plumes have created a craggy landscape with several incredibly high mountain ranges. Historically, Evlion was the first heavily populated body in the system before the exodus of smilans to Supirion. The seat of Evlion government is in Ag Slaxt.


Evlion's highest peak is Mt. Kcackxx in the Llaxxklackc range. The city of Kkagsklatt is gound on the side of Kcackxx. The largest body of water is the Zsczalckk sea. The temperature on Evlion is the highest in the Supirion planetary system due to its dense atmosphere with levels of methane and carbon dioxide at the upper thresholds of the boundary of habitability.

History and CultureEdit

Eg culture was in its formative period at the time of the Waffle Rain, which was a misguided attempt by the smilans to destroy the egs and bugers they had left on their old home. Life was hard on evlion in spite of the wealth of resources and guidance of the large buger population. in roughly 800AD, earth years, came Grrkkxlkt, the greatest hero of egdom before Minister Zzkrimme Sekklegxx in the 19th century. He centalized eg power, ruling for 81 years as zzlukg, or prime minister, of the planetoid. under him, culture flourished and he wrote numerous works of philosophy himself. He was also responsible for the building of a catapult sufficiently large to launch rocks at Supirion, which occasionally hit. This was done every day on Zzuckg Glab, or Catapult Day, for the next 114 years, until the catapult broke, killing more than 300 egs in the process.

Much fighting occured among eg factions an tribes after the passing of Grrkkxlkt until the First Great Smilean War (1893-1904AD) united egdom under the leadership of Zzkrimme Sekklegxx. Defeat in the conflict would cripple Evlion for nearly a century, compounded with the defeats of the Second Great Smilean War (1951-1969), a conflict that seemed unavoidable for evlion, facing aggression from smilan, alngle, and flint simultaneously. Though they lost this latter war, they inflicted still greater losses on the victors and during this time were also able to complete work on the teleporters, launching one in the direction of earth. After the success of the teleporter mission and numerous skirmishes over control of the teleporters, Xxtanne Sekklegxx was able to effectively conquer Supirion. He also held the flints at bay long enough for Prixion to inevitably break free of Supirion orbit.