Crtania is a small Balkan nation on the coast of the Adriatic sharing a border with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro. Established by special United Nations charter in the wake of WWII, the nation was intended to be a haven for persecuted European toons. In the later 1950s, however, the country came into conflict with its communist neighbors. Tito's Yugoslavia annexed the nation of Crtania in 1961. Crtania was run as a puppet state by a human named Jozsef Karadžić until his assassination in 1979. A 9-year civil war ensued before Crtania was declared a free monarchic republic led by King Kook and Prime Minister Pog. Crtania was again invaded in the year 2000 immediately before the fall of Slobedan Milosevic, whose political fall created a vacuum in Crtania, which was now at war with its neighbers and in the middle of civil unrest that frequently erupted in violence. Finally, after numerous scorched earth policies drove the remnant of the ruling Kook family and free Crtania into the mountains, Crtania was dissolved.

As a nation primarily populated by toons, it is a major center of the Ether Society.