Cobalt House is the name of the second and final feature film that the characters, Hoppity and Bee star in within the Smilocide mythos. It is also a real, but as-yet unproduced feature film.


Hoppity and Bee play a pair of British diplomats during the July Revolution in France named Warbeck and Somerton who are trapped in a house haunted by aristocratics ghosts of the previous century, Marie and Lucien Gobelin, Compte de Cobalte, and their extended family. The ghosts are largely hostile, but abide the presence of the newcomers as the Englishmen develop increasingly complex relationships with everyone in the family, except for the extremely secluded  Marie. Finally, Lucien finds a way to break the curse and free the spirits of the family, but requires Warbeck and Somerton to do it. They reticently comply, and things hit the fan. SPOILER ALERT: almost everyone dies.


Warbeck [Hoppity McKenzie]:

Somerton [Bee Jeffries]: