A splat of bugers.

The bugers are a race of smileans found on all four bodies in the Supirion planetary system and are close relatives of the blugers. They lack skin and the cytoplasm that constitutes most of their bodymass is held in only by a mucous membrane. They lack motility and often grow rooted to whatever surface they sit on and rely on other beings or chance for sustenance, which they get by devouring hapless smileans or other plants or animals that fall onto the buger bed. A group of bugers is called a splat. The bugers are extremely intelligent and have an interest in technology, so while there is mistrust between the bugers and other smilean races, bugers are an important ally for all other races since they can provide their mechanical knowledge to help advance other races. They often incite animosity between other smilean races, however, usually the smilans and the egs. The reasons for this are perhaps jealously over the motility of other races, to ensure their continued usefulness and access to technological implements, or for their own amusement. This makes the bugers perhaps one of the most dangerous smilean races.

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