Bladgast is the torso, legs, and right arm of some kind of teddy bear. He is the lower part of a toy owned by Bee Jeffries, while the upper part, named Adflux belongs to Hoppity McKenzie. Hoppity and Bee played with the two parts of their toy in childhood and began making drawings, comics, and stories about them into adulthood.

Meta BladgastEdit

In the Hoppity and Bee's meta-fiction surrounding Adflux and Bladgast, the two often escape their banal lives to Chomblick Tower, where strange things happen. Occasionally, the Snatcher arrives and tries to snatch them. Those who the Snatcher snatches never return, but Adflux and Bladgast are always too quick for him. Adflux and Bladgast are on-again-off-again friends with Brownwhistle.

Bladgast is perpetually deadpan except for brief moments of manic happiness, during which he can open his mouth alarmingly wide. His teeth can then fly around and do his bidding. He has an unreasonable aversion to wind.

Adflux and Bladgast have toys of their own about whom they make comics and flipbooks.