Baron Bloggkkx

Baron Bloggkkx looking disgruntled as usual

Baron Bloggkkx was the first pilot of the Mecha-Smiles during the Secong Great Smilean War. After his maiming during the Battle of Smonxippus, he began to become unraveled, establishing a base on a small rock in orbit of Supirion from which he launched a campaign of terror, eventually taking Fejj under his wing as an eager if treacherous assistant and to whom he entrusted the captainship of Nega-Smiles. He inevitably became a rival to his former pupil, Jeff Smork, the later captain of Mecha-Smiles who repeatedly foiled his plans. Bloggkkx did not meet his end until the Third Great Smilean War when he was lost in space with Smork in a dead space ship that eventually drifted away into the abyss.

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