Barclay Hamstring

Barclay Hamstring.

Barclay Hamstring is the formerly human daughter of the Queen of Tampa Bay and the Cosmic Eye. After fleeing the tyanny of her vindictive mother's kingdom, Barclay established herself in a castle at the foot of Mt. Pelvis in north Tampa Bay. There she made plans to overthrow the queen and it was for this reason that the queen sent Chanterelle and May to Kill her. They destroyed her castle, but Barclay returned. First, she sent a spy called the Sneak-it to steal some files from the royal archives, as well as to bomb key locations to weaken the queen. Joanne began disguising herself as the Sneak-it to carry on her own heinous work. Joanne then tricked Chanterelle and May into killing the real Sneak-it leaving the alter ego all to her. At this point, Barclay began assisting Dr. Bondongle in creating an army of the dead to overthrow the kingdom using information fed to her by Joanne. This only succeeded in raising enough zombies to awaken Czernobina, who Chanterelle and May destroyed. After this escapade, Barclay was arrested by Dinette Set and a detachment of Royal Heart Guards. Hamstring would likely have languished in the queen's dungeon if Joanne as the Sneak-it, a blinded and unemployed Dinette Set, and Polly Gone DeStijl had not busted her out. The group allied themselves against the queen and followed Chanterelle and May through a portal out of the bay after a large chunk of the stuff that had become detached. This was a ruse of the queen's, though, and she steamrolled most of the bay in their absence. Upon their return, Hamstring aided Chanterelle, May, and the rebels and at last the queen was destroyed. The Cosmic Eye warned, however, that the world would soon end so Hamstring gathered about six or eight Mays including Mayde, commandeered a cruise ship and piloted it through the transporter, and crashed on Tropion.

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Barclay and a smattering of Mays on Tropion.


Joanne, Clownfish, Clarence, Barclay, and Polly