Akschla the sorceress

Akschla is an ancient sorceress dwelling in the caves of the Smohix Mountains west of the Gribplat desert. She worked with her sisters after her banishment from the Sansmoslim Kingdom in generated a race of smilonite monsters. Sansmoslim was caught up in skirmishes with her and her sisters when the First Great Smilean War broke out and assitance from Smixion was provided. Akschla's monsters were destroyed or driven underground, while she and her sisters were buried in the foothills under debris from more than seventy years until Smixion mining operations unearthed her. Again, a tangential conflict was her undoing as Smixion and Sansmoslim were engaged in battle near the mines. Me-me Simlee's pyrotechnic knowledge helped Sansmoslim destroy her and her monsters for good.

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